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So remember I told you all a couple of days ago about this crazy Balkan Maniac who was starting a new project? So that news got a lot of attention and I would like to thank you for that!! 
I also mentioned that the first single of that new project called This is Lovski would be coming out this Monday. And here we are! It's Monday morning and YES it is out! 

This is the first "This is LOVSKI" single called "Perfect Bassline" I wrote this track and produced it together with Ali Reza Tahoeni (A.R.T.) and Peter Schütz. This is the foundation of the sound that we are making. And I am very excited to put this out in the open. Be gentle with it ;)

As the world it talking about separation I will try to bring it all together with this track! So listen and find out why! 

Perfect Bassline is out on all streaming platforms! 

Mixed by Ali Reza Tahoeni (A.R.T.) 
Mastered by Wessel Oltheten

Here is a Spotify link:…

Please let me know what you think! And keep following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all of that for more music, concerts and news. 

This is LOVSKI